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[Books] J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone Illustrated Edition

[Books] J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone Illustrated Edition

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short informations

title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone
author: J. K. Rowling
Illustrator: Jim Kay
publisher: Bloomsbury
prize£30 (now £15) // 22€
genre: Fantasy
pages: 246
ISBN: 978-1-4088-4564-6
publishing date: October 2015

Buy here (UK) or here (GER)

what´s it about?

"Harry Potter´s life changes forever on his eleventh birthday, when beetle-eyed giant Rubeus Hagrid delivers a letter and some astonishing news. Harry Potter is no ordinaary boy: he´s a wizard. And an extraordinary adventure is about to begin... 
The first ever Illustrated Edition of J. K. Rowling´s magical classic is packed with glorious colour illustrations by Jim Kay, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal. An utterly enchanting feast of a book, perfect or devoted fans and new readers alike.


Wow, Wow, simply wow. I just LOVE Harry Potter but with these illustrations it gets even better! The pictures are so beautiful, I can´t even tell. They are full of small details and you spot new things whenever you look at the pictures. They are simply wonderful. This illustrated Edition brings back the magic. Although I already know the story (of course. I read the book a hundred times...^^), I was so excited to get my copy! The illustrations by Jim Kay are gorgeous, they match perfectly with Rowling´s words. The pictures are in different sizes, sometimes just small, sometimes over two pages! Every single page is full of suprises and magic. I simply can´t wait to read the second illustrated book! Keep looking forward!

J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone Illustrated Edition


I don´t think I have to say ANYTHING about what´s the book about. I´m totally a Potterhead so I can´t even imagine that there are people out there who don´t know the Potter books. 
So I keep this part of the review short.
Harry Potter is a normal boy. Or not? He grows up at his aunt´s and uncle´s house, because his parents died as he was a baby. His life is changing at his eleventh birthday when a giant broke into the house to tell the little Harry that he´s a wizard. And that´s when the adventure begins. Harry is allowed to go to Hogwarts, a great wizardring school with the best headmaster of all time: Albus Dumbledore. But soon there are problems to handle. Can Harry solve them? Is he able to find the solution with his best friends Ron and Hermione? 

J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Philosopher´s Stone Illustrated Edition


This is the most beautiful book I´ve ever read. The most gorgeous illustrations ever. And of course (obviously) the best story ever. Especially for those who don´t own the Harry Potter books yet - go for this one! It´s beautiful, inspiring, wonderful, colourful...gorgeous! And for all those who own the books already - like me - when you want to feel the magic again, buy it! It´s such a great book to read and watch! 

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